*aggressively ignores the fact that chris evans’ contract is almost up*

Curses are only in songs and stories.

Anonymous said: Try to live in Pennsylvania. We get one sunny day.

ugh, dislike. my dad’s from pennsylvania, so he unfortunately got stuck with double non-sunshine living. here’s to hoping for a little sunshine for us both soon!

  • florida: eyyooooo welcome to the sunshine state, bitches! prepare for hella sunshine and nice days! did i mention sunshine?
  • florida: ...JK!

Turns out, I don’t survive this war. Killed off right before the good part starts.

evelyndiamandis said: your dean meme is perfection! i just needed it in my life!

thanks so much, lovely! some of those gifsets were pure torture and anguish to make but i’m really enjoying making them!


Harry Potter patronuses. (x)