there should be an avengers tv show, but it should be filmed and executed like parks and rec.


Essentially I just want to keep getting better and better at my job, and I’ll do that by continuing to work with a wider group of people and on different projects and varying the things I do as much as I can. Success to me is if I can work for the rest of my life. That would be a good, successful life.

Haim | My Song 5

honey, i’m not your honey pie

this is me at monticello. if this isn’t an accurate representation of me and my love for thomas jefferson, i don’t know what is.


did you know that if you say dorito three times in the bathroom mirror, chris evans will come out and touch your left boob?

Elizabeth Olsen for Numero Tokyo (September 2014)

"I know who killed Fury. He’s credited for over two dozen assassinations in the last 50 years."

storybookcorlee said: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my beautiful bestie/twinie/soulmate! So proud to be your friend and DOUBLE proud that I will see you in 2 months as my gorgeous bridesmaid. I love you so, so much and wish nothing but the best for you. Sending maja hugs your way, you old fart!

So excited and proud to call myself your bridesmaid, you have no idea! Love you so much, my wonderful, perfect twinie! <333


- So, what made you so s p e c i a l ?
- Nothing. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.